25 Days in Seattle

Day 2: A Day in Fremont


For a big day of adventuring start in Fremont for breakfast or brunch at one of the many restaurants throughout the neighborhood. Roxy’s Diner is a local favorite for a great breakfast located right in the heart of Fremont on N 36th St. After breakfast visit the plethora of unique shops around, and before leaving the area don’t forget to stop by the troll! Hop on a bike from one of the new bike share companies. You can find them pretty much anywhere and they range from $1/30 min to $1/hour. Not too bad for just a buck. Take your bike a mile or so down the way to Gas Works Park for a fun afternoon overlooking Lake Union.

Gas_Works_pano_01Fly a kite, roll in the grass, play tag, have a picnic, and explore the massive rusted structure that once long ago provided Seattle with its gas; even though it is predominantly fenced off it is still quite intriguing. Take a moment to enjoy the view of the Space Needle, Downtown skyline, Capitol Hill, Queen Anne and Lake Union, all at once. And finally get back on a bike for one last ride to Ivar’s Salmon House on Lake Union to end the perfect day at the locally famous seafood eatery. Sit out on the deck and watch the sun set on the city. 10/10 view and a 10/10 day!

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