25 Days in Seattle

Day 5: A Day at Green Lake


A day at Green Lake is day well spent. There is always plenty to do at the lake from dawn ‘til dusk. You can start an early morning with a beautiful walk around Green Lake. The path that surrounds the lake is just shy of 3 miles long. Once a fully physically and mentally reviving workout is complete go fuel up on some amazing eats!

Green Lake boasts many fabulous restaurants throughout the whole neighborhood. A few of the most popular breakfast spots would be The Dish Cafe which is just off of 65th and Latona. They are great for breakfast and brunch and serve American traditional fare. Also, 72nd Street Cafe is a good place to go for breakfast sandwiches and a small town coffee shop vibe and last on the list but, in no way the end of the list, Greenlake Bar & Grill, do not fear the name, they have a fully loaded brunch menu to offer!

After the satisfied feeling of “fat & happy”, take a few minutes to just sit down and enjoy the life in and around the water. Once re-energized take a kayak ride or a peddle boat out on the water or play game of tag, catch, or Frisbee on the grass. Here hours will fly like minutes! Bring a lunch to picnic along the water’s edge or discover more Green Lake favorites. Duke’s Chowder House is definitely on the top of the list where every dish is sure to be a winner, as well as, Green Lake Ale House and Latona Pub both with great eats at great prices. As said before, there is plenty to do to spend a whole day at Green Lake, go swimming, go for a run, go down to the fields and play a game of kickball, fill up on the best eats around and find yourself a day well spent!

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