25 Days In Seattle

Day 6: A day of Canoeing at the WAC

Hold on to Summer while this weather will let us! Take a day to head over to the UW and rent a few canoes from the Waterfront Activities Center (WAC). For the month of September they will be open 10:00am to 6:00pm and if you would like to go a little bit later in the afternoon parking is free after 12:00pm. Prices range from $8.00/an hour to $12.00/an hour depending on if you are UW student/staff or general public. A truly small price to pay to cool off and spend some time on the water and enjoy a little R&R. You can canoe through the seemingly peaceful and tranquil lily pads, though, beware of the millions of tiny insects and bugs who live on the flowers. They can become quite annoying and a hassle to get rid of if they somehow land in your boat.

Montalke-cutIf you are brave enough take your canoe through the Montlake Cut which can become extremely choppy and scary due to larger motor powered boats passing through as well. Once through spend some time in Portage Bay and make your way under the freeway and tie off at Ivar’s for a little impromptu lunch on the water! Or instead, skip the cut and go in the opposite direction and play on Lake Washington for the day. Either way, Lake Union or Lake Washington, Portage Bay or Union Bay, a day with a canoe on any water is sure day of bliss.

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