25 Days in Seattle

Day 8: A Day in South Lake Union

SLU Marina-2South Lake Union is situated right in the middle of one of the most prevalent trifecta of neighborhoods, that is Capitol Hill, Queen Anne, and Downtown. All three neighborhoods have a multitude of popular places to go, see, and experience and South Lake Union sits right in the middle of all of it! You can find exceptional places to eat, breakfast through dinner. Sandwiched between two bodies of water, aquatic and nautical themes are heavily apparent, South Lake Union is home to amazing seafood restaurants such as The 100 Pound Clam, The White Swan, Duke’s Chowder House, Daniel’s Broiler, and a number of others. There are also a substantial amount of restaurants with cuisines varying from vegetarian to Italian, and farm fresh to let’s say upscale fast food. Try Veggie Grill to satisfy the hungry vegetarian, Ba Bar for the pho lovers, Re:public Restaurant & Bar for farm fresh goodness and Lil’ Woody’s for some fine burgers, fries, and shakes.

South_Lake_Union_Head over to the water for a little play time at Lake Union Park. There is a large pool/pond to race sailboats in, huge grassy areas for fun and games, and docks and dock style stairs overlooking the water offering beautiful views of the city including the Space Needle. Stop on by next door to the Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI) to learn and explore exhibits displaying odd and interesting topics of Seattle history and fascinating ways innovation here has impacted the world around us.

Seaplane on Lake UnionSouth Lake Union is an area bustling with large industry and fast paced life there is always something fun to see and somewhere spectacular to go. Hop on a seaplane at Kenmore Air and take off to see the world. Or just sit and watch as the boats come and leave Lake Union and the planes land and take off again.

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