25 Days in Seattle

Day 10: A Day at the Market

A day at the market is one started early. The market opens at 9 am and closes at 6 pm and on Sundays they close at 5. Get there as soon as you can for a good spot at the Sound Cafe inside the market for an amazing breakfast with a view of Puget Sound.

Pike Place Fish

Inside the market

The market is built in several levels all consisting of quirky novelty shops, restaurants, and booths lining the top floor. You’ll find the booths selling all the way from delicious foods like donuts, fresh produce, pasta, seafood, to wonderful hand made crafts of all sorts, and lotions and cosmetics, and even clothing! Across the street from the market you will find the first Starbucks location in Seattle as well as the Beecher’s store. Watch the workers at their craft making their famous cheese right in house!

The Needle and the Wheel

The Sound looking Downtown

After walking the market and filling up on samples hang out and relax at Victor Steinbrueck Park overlooking the Sound. To cap this fun filled day at the market off, stop by Maximilien’s for a bowl of French onion soup and a glass of wine or Lowell’s for some famous seafood fare!


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