25 Days in Seattle

Day 11: A Day at Woodland Park Zoo

Zoo MapA whole day at Woodland Park Zoo just doesn’t even hardly seem like enough time to be able to see and experience the entire zoo the way you should. The zoo spans 92 acres and incorporates 8 different bioclimatic zones all in under a mile loop. The zones include the Northern Trail, Australasia, Tropical Asia: Trail of Vines, Tropical Asia: Banyan Wilds, African Savanna, Temperate Forest, Tropical Rain Forest,and the Humboldt Penguin Exhibit, each hosting habitats for different animals native to those climates. There are also several playgrounds/parks and theaters throughout. Tickets cost approximately $20.00 for adults ages 13+ and $12.00 for kids ages 3-12 and free for kids ages 0-2. There are ways to find discounted tickets such as through AAA, Groupon, or with the City Pass, and military.

The exhibits are all interactive and integrate learning and fun seamlessly. I took my cousin’s 6 year old daughter, Tinley, and had a blast with her. She had full control of the map and lead us on our own safari. She got to examine different animals and learn about their anatomies, their habitats, and how they spend their daily lives. Orb Web (1)She got to play for hours at several different parks making friends and exploring the “natural feeling” jungle gyms, which were all really unique and fitting for each bioclimatic zone. Orb Web (2)In Tropical Asia: Banyan Wilds, she swung across a bridge on thick ropes hanging like vines in a jungle. In the Temperate Forest she ran through tunnel-like system of caves and she climbed like a spider in the orb web.

Tinley got to speak to zookeepers who informed her of animals that they had at special exhibits like that of the California King Snake, as well as, a special tortoise and stick bug. More Penguin FunShe enjoyed watching the penguins splash in the water, the giraffes and zebras roaming together,  

Lion in the Sunthe lion basking in the sun, beautiful colors of the birds, and interacting with the animals at the petting zoo. This little girl got to do it all including a face painting and we didn’t even have time to see the whole park!

Face PaintingThe Woodland Park Zoo is definitely a 10/10 experience for things to do in Seattle. I would highly recommend looking for a discounted ticket and packing food. Though we had plenty of snacks our lunches were quite pricey, fast food, and really not very filling but, doing the zoo on a budget is totally possible and either way 100% worth the trip! And I’d like to give a big special thank you to Miss Tinley for being an amazing model and zoo buddy!  


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