25 Days in Seattle

Day 13: A Day at the Museum of Flight

The Museum of Flight is an amazing place for anyone and truly everyone of all ages and you really don’t even need a specific interest in aircrafts or aerospace to enjoy it. This museum is abundantly plentiful in things to see, to do, and to learn, it is most definitely a highly recommended place to visit. Tickets can cost about $20.00 for adults and $13.00 for children 5-17. Kids aged 4 and under are free. There are discounts offered to AAA members, active military, and Boeing employees and retirees. You can also find special offers on tickets on their website ( http://www.museumofflight.org/ ).

McDonnell F Museum Of FlightPlan for a long day of adventuring and fun at this museum, they have thousands of aircrafts, spacecrafts, small scale models, war and general aviation artifacts, paintings, and photographs. You can board and walk inside many of the crafts such as the Air Force One, the Concord, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the original Boeing 727, which can all be found in the Aviation Pavilion. Here they also showcase a few military planes like the B-17F and B-29 of World War II and the B-47 of the Cold War.

Aviatik D.IThe museum also has extensive exhibits on both WWI and WWII comprised of artifacts, models, audio, documentary footage, photographs and more.

Sopwith Triplane There is also a space exhibit housing a giant space shuttle that you can board. You will also find videos and other interactive features to engage and educate.

The museum is prepared and aware of the massive size of itself and provides two different eateries. One is the Wings Cafe and the other is the Pavilion Cafe. You can find quick snacks or hot entrees at both. The Wings Cafe is located in the front of the museum with a close-up look at the Boeing Field air traffic. The Pavilion Cafe is located inside the Aviation Pavilion and is only open during the spring and summer months. It’s perfect to take a break for some food and still enjoy the museum while you do so.

A whole day at the museum barely covers it to really enjoy each exhibit. Repeat visits are a must at this museum, they even offer return tickets at lower prices. So if you haven’t been before definitely experience the museum at least once, you’ll leave wanting more!  

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