Edmonds Getaway

Slow Down and Get Out of the City…

Need a little escape from the city every ince in a while? Take a small drive north to Edmonds for a calmer small town vibe. Downtown Edmonds offers a perfect beachy town feel with tons of local small businesses down Main St.Main St You can find a number of art galleries, pottery stores, furniture stores, spas and salons, all sorts of clothing and apparel, and of course amazing restaurants. For the best places to stop and get a bite to eat try Chanterelle, for the world’s best tomato soup and grilled cheese, Red Twig for a good cup of coffee and some delish pastries, The Cheesemonger’s Table for an eclectic menu of American fare and a few grilled cheeses to rival Chanterelle’s, Salt & Iron to crush your steak and seafood cravings, and for dessert check out the Edmond’s Bakery, Revelations Yogurt, or Canarino Gelato. Underwater ParkFor some fun things to do head down to the water. If you are so skilled and interested take a dive at the Underwater Park and find all sorts of unique creatures, or enjoy the serene sanctuary from the land. Play in the sand, have a picnic, read a book, catch some rays under the sun, Edmonds is a place to destress and have some fun. For some amusement off the water head east to Whirly Ball with some friends. Whirlly BallA game of bumper cars on steroids, played with two teams, try and get your ball to your basket while driving your bumper car one handed! Its loads of fun and a great way to expend a little energy. Another place to try is Escape Routes, which is also just inland from Downtown Edmonds. Go with a good group of people who like to solve riddles and puzzles, choose a room, and together figure out how to escape! Side note, you’re never truly locked in anywhere and word has it the host can be helpful when needed. So head up to Edmonds to wind down and have a day filled with pure fun!

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