25 Days in Seattle

Day 19: A Day at the Ballard Locks

Seattle Chittenden locksThe Ballard Locks which are actually named the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks were built 100 years ago this year! Named after the man who put endless time and effort into the creation of the plan that turned out to be the locks as we know them now. Take a day to explore and discover what Chittenden set in motion just over 100 years ago. The locks are what connect Puget Sound to Lake Union and Lake Washington, allowing passage from saltwater to freshwater. Boats in the locksMassive vessels all the way down to small boats and kayaks can use the locks. There are actually two locks, one for the larger boats and the other for smaller boats. The boats go inside the locks and if headed into the lakes the water is raised a couple dozen feet to match the water level of the lakes. Chittenden LocksIt’s really something fascinating to see, there is also a fish ladder at the locks that allows you take a sneak peek from under the water at salmon and other kinds of fish climbing up the ladder headed into freshwater. The locks are also home to the beautiful Carl S. English Jr. Botanical Garden. Carl S. English GardensTake a stroll through the garden and sit on the terraced grass and watch the boats go by on lovely afternoon in Ballard. The Locks are a popular place to visit for tourists coming to Seattle, also runners, joggers, and walkers, and nothing should hold you back from taking a day to see it for yourself and celebrating its 100 years of life! 

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