25 Days in Seattle

Day 22: A Day at Pioneer Square

Head to Downtown to Pioneer Square for a full day immersed in the history of  Seattle. Learn about the city’s birth, its infrastructure, find shopping, art galleries, a waterfall garden park, museums, and discover fascinating stories and tales about the people and places of Seattle. Chess at OccidentalStop at Occidental Square for some delicious food truck fare and for a few fun and games with mega-sized chess and connect four there’s even table tennis and foosball. Go beneath the streets with the Underground Tour and find the remains of the original Seattle before the Great Fire wiped out the city in 1889.Undeground Tour Also take a peek at the Memorial to Fallen Firefighters located right at Occidental Square. There is also The Last Resort Fire Department Museum which is filled with amazing firefighter memorabilia and artifacts. Not too far away is the Klondike Gold Rush – Seattle Unit where you can learn all about Seattle’s hand in the Gold Rush craze! Head down towards the water where you can find Milepost 31, an award winning information center displaying stories and artifacts of the people and projects that shaped Pioneer Square. On the north end of this street you can also find Comedy Underground providing comedy acts seven days a week. If you’re looking for something a little bit darker try Spooked in Seattle, which offer guided tours around the city detailing the incredible truths of the paranormal Seattle including underground. Pioneer Square PergolaBack on top of the streets be sure to stop by the Iron Pergola, a beautiful structure built in 1909 as a waiting area for the street cars, and the Tlingit Indian Totem. No longer the original but a replica of what once was, the original was actually stolen in the late 1880s from the tribe in Alaska and brought to Seattle where it was unfortunately set on fire in the late 1930s. The replica has thankfully been standing strong and unharmed! Pioneer Square has tons of stuff to see, do, and experience, definitely don’t miss out on this kind of day! 


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