25 Days in Seattle

Day 25: A Day Around the Burke-Gilman Trail

Spend the day exploring the Burke-Gilman Trail. This is an almost 20 mile trail that takes you practically all the way around the city of Seattle from Bothell to Golden Gardens Park or vice versa. You can bike, walk, jog, run, skate or try electric bikes, scooters, skate boards, or segways to really absorb the full 20 miles of the Emerald City. Gas WorksStop and see stunning views at Golden Gardens, through Fremont, Gas Works Park, the University, and Mathews Beach Park. Find good eats along the trail too! The U Village offers Veggie Grill, Din Tai Fung, Piatti, just down the trail there is Voula’s Cafe, Ivar’s, and Westward. Fremont has a variety of delicious places to pick up sweets all the way to healthy treats, as well as a number of places for great beer stops like Peddler Brewing Company on Leary Way, obviously bike themed! Golden_Gardens.jpgEnd the day at Golden Gardens on the sandy beach with a sunset over the Olympics that can’t be beat anywhere! Whether you take a trip around the whole trail or just hop on in a few spots, the Burke-Gilman is an amazing way to get out into fresh air and enjoy the city. 

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