Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween is quickly approaching and if you haven’t found your costume yet, here are some cost effective, creative, fun ideas for kids and adults of all ages!


Jelly DIY Jellyfish DIY

What you will need: An umbrella, hot glue gun and glue sticks, ribbon/string/boas/any type of fabric/bubble wrap/battery-powered lights/glow sticks, paper/felt, scissors, marker

Assembly: Heat glue gun and place a drop of glue at the edge of the brim of the umbrella and put your first strand of string, ribbon, etc. Continue all the way around the umbrella in any fashion to construct the tentacles. I used paper plates for the next step, paper or any other material you can use marker on works. Cut two large circles for eyes, use the marker to draw the eyes. Cut about a dozen or so small circles to make polka dots for the body of the jellyfish. Use glue gun to attache eyes and polka dots to the umbrella. Lastly, attach lights on the handle of the umbrella. Spiraling down from the top to the bottom of the handle, keep the battery pack at the top of the umbrella so it is safe from water and free from having to be held.

Total Time: Really depends on how much you want to put on your jellyfish, 45 min – 2 hrs.

Total Costs: Again depends on how much you want affix to your jelly, I spent about $20.00.



Flower Pot DIY Flower Pot DIY 2

What you will need: A plastic bucket big enough to fit around yourself or child, rope or string that is soft enough to act as shoulder strap, fake flowers, glue, scissors, pipe cleaners or something soft to wrap around the jagged edges of the bottom of the pot

Assembly: First cut open the bottom of the bucket, the bucket I used was soft enough to use normal house scissor you may need a knife for stronger materials. Next, with your heated glue gun glue the pipe cleaners to the inside edges of the bottom of the bucket, then glue your flowers in your desired assortment around the top of the flower pot. I used yarn for the straps and braided the strands for a stronger hold, I tied them to the handles on each side of the bucket and twisted the remaining ends down the back of the bucket and glued it to the bottom.

Total Time: 1-2 1/2 hours, the longest part was braiding the yarn

Total Costs: $30.00 could definitely be less if you have supplies on hand, the most expensive portion were the fake flowers, I ended up buying a fake bouquet for $7 at Ross and cut that up instead of spending $5-10 on individual flowers.




What you will need: Black hoodie, 2 pairs of black socks, 1 pair of black gloves, string/yarn, paper, 8 or so googly eyes, hot glue gun and glue sticks, scissors

Assembly: First fill your socks with paper or newspaper to give them body, glue with hot glue gun two socks on each side of the jacket. Once both sides are complete and dry use yarn or any type of string to connect the socks with the arms of the jacket so when worn they move too and don’t just hang down. Use hot glue gun for this as well. Finally glue your googly eyes to the hood of the jacket. I also had glow in the dark paint so I used that to create spider webs on the gloves, definitely not necessary but looks pretty cool.

Total Time: 25-30 minutes, super easy and super quick

Total Costs: $15.00-20.00 also could be less if again you have materials on hand especially the hoodie, socks, and gloves.



Sugar Skull DIY  Sugar Skulls 2

What you will need: Face paint, cream eye shadow, eyeliner, lipstick, skin safe glue, jewels/sequins/etc.

Assembly: Start with your eyes, using solely your color preference, create a circle around your eye using face paint or cream eye shadow, using a different color make small circles around each big circle creating the effect of flowers around your eyes. Apply white face paint on the rest of your face. With eyeliner, liquid works best, create a spade shape on your nose. Apply lipstick of choice then line the inside of your lips with eyeliner pulling all the way outside your lips on each side. Then mark vertical lines down the lips for bone structure. Take it as far as you want with contouring your cheeks. Add spider webs for fun Halloween effects, or floral designs around your temples and forehead, apply jewels with skin safe glue around the eyes.

Total Time: 30 minutes to an hour depends on how detailed you’re going or how skilled you are with applying makeup

Total Costs: $20.00 and up all depending on what products you may have you might not need to buy anything



Queen Bee DIY

What you will need: Crown/tiara, if you’re making your own: Paper, glue, markers/colored pencils, jewels, glue; small yellow yarn/fluff balls or poms for antennas, headband, black pipe cleaners, scrunchie, wings if desired

Assembly: I created my own crown and used sparkly paper so I didn’t draw on it or decorate with jewels. To do the same first you will want to trace on the paper (the non sparkly side) a zig-zag line which will become the points of your crown. Cut along the line you create once done, take both straight ends of the paper and glue them together with your hot glue gun. Around the bottom of the crown glue pipe cleaners or a scrunhie, I did a double layer of pipe cleaners. Once dry, glue the crown to the headband I glued it slightly offset from the headband so that the crown will sit slanted to one side. I then used four small yellow poms around the base of the crown to hide any seams left from the pipe cleaners. Then twist one pipe cleaner into a spiral and follow suite with one more. Glue them on the inside of the crown on opposite sides of each other. Once dry glue a large yellow pom on the end of each pipe cleaner for your antennas.

Total Time: 10-20 minutes; This was so easy and turned out to be so darling!

Total Costs: $5.00-10.00 Not too many materials were needed for me I had a lot on hand, I only had to purchase the paper, pipe cleaners, and poms.



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