Ezell’s Famous v. Heaven Sent Fried Chicken


Ezell’s or Heaven Sent, do you have an opinion?

It’s been a few years since the split of Ezell Stephens and the Rudd family who together founded Ezell’s Famous Chicken. Through the split, the Rudd’s kept the famous restaurant name while Stephens went on to keep the recipes but under the new name of, Heaven Sent Fried Chicken, of course they couldn’t take away his own name from being used. Displayed on his sign states loud clear, Owner & Operator Ezell Stephens.  So we at Seattle 365 had to sit down and try them both to see if at all, who is better than who or what the differences are. Here’s what we found.


Chicken Taste Test:

To begin with, Heaven Sent had an immediate power punch of flavor in both their original and spicy. And from one of our taste testers Zoey, the spicy, “leaves your mouth tingling but not on fire”. On the other hand with Ezell’s there was certainly nothing to complain about but, they were seriously lacking in flavor compared to Heaven Sent. Although one of our testers Diane offers a great point saying that, “I usually don’t like spicy foods but, I could eat the whole thing and I don’t feel overwhelmed with heat after.” So if you too walk on the mild side of food Ezell’s might be the better choice for in the spicy category. They also make their chicken much more greasy than Heaven Sent does.


Mac n Cheese Taste Test:

There are two types of mac n cheese in this world, the creamy and gooey kind you throw together generally coming from out of a box and then there is the creamy and gooey kind you bake to get the crispy, toasted, crumble, goods on top. Heaven Sent knows how to make the good stuff, their mac was both baked and irresistible! It honestly tastes like the mac n cheese from your backyard family bbq. Ezell’s takes the other route of not baking which was good but again was lacking flavor and didn’t make your stomach feel great once you ate it.

Mashed Potatoes and Gravy Taste Test:

Heaven Sent again with the win, there was no question that their creamy mashed potatoes and gravy were on a whole new level, compared to Ezell’s, where their mashed potatoes were dry and left a bitter aftertaste in your mouth. At Ezell’s it seemed like they were potatoes that were made in a fast food restaurant hours before just being warmed waiting in the kitchen. With just one bite of Heaven Sent our taste tester Jamie was left saying that, “their mashed potatoes make you feel like you’re all wrapped up in a warm blanket”.


Bread Roll Taste Test:

For the bread rolls it really depends on the your own trusty taste buds but, personally I have to give it to Heaven sent. There was just something so sweet like honey inside their rolls that Ezell’s was lacking. Both were warm and moist but it really seemed like Heaven Sent kicks it up a notch with there flavor and good flavor can’t be beat in my book.

Pros to Ezell’s that might make you choose them over Heaven Sent; they have locations in the city especially convenient with their Wallingford store. They also seem to offer lower prices but, there is always the other side of that balance where you do get what you pay for.

In total it seems that there are two options here, either spend a little extra money and drive a little out of the way to get amazing flavorful food at Heaven Sent or save a bit of cash and gas to get a full fill at Ezell’s. Leave a comment and let us know what you think!

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