Dining on a View

Spoil yourself by enjoying good eats and beautiful views of the Pacific Northwest

With all of the amazing clear skies Seattle has had this week it’s a perfect time to go dining on a view. One of the best places to do that at is down on the water at the Market. Head over to just the other side of the fish market and down the hall to find Maximilien. Here you can have a wonderful glass of wine and the best tasting bowl of French Onion Soup in town and plenty of other delicious French cuisine. 7518923568_IMG_0122Though, the most extraordinary thing about Maximilien’s is enjoying a full panorama view of the Sound right from your table, and don’t worry if you are with a few people and get the seat with your back to the window because beautiful mirrors are strategically placed around the restaurant to allow everyone the experience of the million dollar view. If French cuisine is not your cup of tea, grab a bottle of wine at the bar and take it home! There is also the Pike Place Bar & Grill which offers a pretty stunning view of the Market below. 7518923568_IMG_0094If you sit in the bar near the back you can find a table with the coolest view looking out at the sign for the Market and beyond that the lit up Ferris wheel spinning in the night. The menu here has quite a bit of variety, you are sure to find something to satisfy your hunger. 7518923568_IMG_0090Like their to-die-for Parmesan fries and of course their happy hour prices! You really can’t go wrong dining anywhere down at the Market but, Maximilien definitely has the breathtaking view of Puget Sound and with a bowl of French Onion Soup and a glass of wine, the combination is just something so sweet it can’t be beat!

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